Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning Green Smoothie

At 11:24 AM I had my green smoothie for breakfast with my mom and sister.

In our smoothie we had 2 cups filtered water, 2 hand fulls of greens, (collard, mustard, and turnup greens) 3/4 cups love and peas protein powder, (this protein powder is not raw sorry)
2 bananas, 2 dates, 2 hand fulls of strawberry's and 1 hand full of of blueberry's.

Tips: Remember you need to take the Pitt out of the date because you cant blend them. This morning my mom put the Pitt in the blender and it took us like 10 minuets to get it out, and your smoothie might be brown because of the blueberries but blueberries are REALLY good for you if you want to know why click here. It might be greener if there are more greens. I like kale more then the other greens because one of them is really strong.

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